Design-build construction is a process by which you and your contractor team up together.

Since Hayco takes charge of every aspect of construction, your timeline is shorter and more efficient. We can work together to cut costs along the way with a lower overhead to save you money.

With a design-build process, you won’t have to juggle separate design and construction contracts. Dealing with a bunch of different companies is a headache you don’t need on top of everything else. Hayco takes the unnecessary hassle out of your construction process by writing a single contract for your entire project. We’ll shorten your overall timeline and save you money by collaborating with you throughout the construction process.



Design-build streamlines the construction process. In other systems, there are different costs and contracts for each phase of construction. The design-build method speeds up your timeline, since you don’t have to wait for all the different deals to be drawn up. When we settle everything with a single contract at the start, there’s less hassle for you.


The integration of both the design and build teams ensures a greater level of trust and mutual responsibility between the two. Communicating their opinions and intentions as a team rather than separately will ensure a more cohesive end result. They’ll work together from the beginning to bring you the best quality construction.


Throughout the entire design-build process, you can openly communicate with the construction and design teams to make sure you stay involved. Hayco brings in specialists like engineers and architects for input on your design. Your subcontractors on the build team are also part of the pre-construction conversation. Your voice is heard by both teams so your end result matches your original vision.


We provide

  • Overall project evaluation
  • Site evaluation
  • Design team selection
  • Budgeting
  • Scheduling
  • Selection of construction team

General Construction

Your business’s ongoing success is our priority when we’re working on your commercial project.

You bring your vision to the table and we’ll handle all the heavy lifting. We provide the technical expertise to give you the perfect end result. We’ll work closely with you to keep the project within your budget and deadline so you can get into your new or renovated commercial facility, faster.


We provide

  • New Construction
    There’s nothing better for your business than a building made just for you. We’ll build your new workspace from the ground up. From the conception of your idea, through the design and construction phases, Hayco will be with you from start to finish.
  • Uplift & Renovation
    Don’t let the potential of your commercial space go to waste. You have a vision of what it could be. Let Hayco Construction make that vision a reality with a commercial upfit. We’ll work together to renovate your business space to your exact specifications.
  • Design-Build
    With a single contract, you won’t have the hassle of communicating with separate design and build teams. Design-build is a streamlined process that cuts costs and speeds up your timeline so you can get back to normal ASAP.
  • Additions
    If you’re out of room in your current building, you need a fast solution. When you can’t afford to close down your business during construction, an addition is a great solution. You can keep your business running while we solve your space problems.

Commercial Upfit

We have extensive experience in commercial upfits in a variety of industries, and we possess the necessary skills to make your space perfect for your business.

Don’t lose money by closing up shop during a renovation. Your shouldn’t have to miss out on revenue while you’re making necessary upgrades. We make it a priority to keep your business running as we renovate your building. We’ll always keep your customers and employees in mind to ensure an efficient project with a quick timeline.
We work hard to stay within your commercial upfit budget using a method called Value Engineering.

We’ll create a great workspace for any of the following:

  • Medical facility
  • Financial building
  • Educational institution
  • Small retail store
  • Office building
  • Or any commercial building!
During the construction process, we listen to you. We’ll work your upfit job around your needs. Whether you have tons of ideas on how to make your space great or you need guidance, Hayco will keep you as involved as you want to be from day one.


If your healthcare facility needs a facelift or new construction, you can trust Hayco.

If you work with a contractor without medical experience, you’re putting your team and patients at risk of health issues. Your medical contractor needs excellent qualifications to work in a hospital environment and control the spread of dangerous infectious disease particles. All of our Superintendents and Project Managers are certified in Infection Control Risk Assessment (ICRA) for expert medical construction.


Infectious Control Risk Assessment (ICRA) Certification

As an experienced medical contractor, Hayco is ICRA certified. In addition, all Hayco field and management staff are Certified Healthcare Managers through the Construction Infection Control Training Institute (CICTI), an ICRA training consultant in South Carolina. More and more healthcare industry professionals are requiring ICRA certification for their medical contractor. It’s a new industry standard. And you shouldn’t entrust your medical construction project to a contractor without the necessary qualifications.

Through ICRA training, our medical contractors learn how to:

  • Secure your job site to protect your patients and visitors
  • Contain infectious contaminants released during medical construction
  • Clean up your site effectively after the project is finished


Travelers and pilots rely on your airport every day to get them where they need to go. The high traffic areas of your airport need to be safe enough for pilots to land and takeoff, and efficient enough for the passengers who come in and out on a tight schedule.

There are federal rules and regulations set forth by the Federal Aviation Agency (FAA) your contractor must follow when working on an airport construction project. We have relevant experience working for aviation companies like Honda Jet and Haeco. No matter what kind of airport construction you need, you can count on Hayco for expert skill earned through experience.


Trust us as your construction experts

Your industrial facility is hazardous enough to outsiders without all the complications of a construction zone. For everyone’s safety, the massive scale and dangerous conditions of your facility shouldn’t be left to a contractor with no industrial experience.

Hayco Construction has worked in high risk industrial areas, including combustible environments. We know the protocols necessary for your plant to stay operational. We don’t want you to lose out on revenue, so Hayco will implement extra safety precautions if your industrial plant needs to stay open during construction. Trust our knowledgeable experts to give you the best construction experience.


Work with experienced contractors

A well-designed, state-of-the-art educational building is a great way to help your students feel at ease and encourage learning. We can do our job while your school stays open, but you don’t want just any random construction crew working at your school building.

Instead, choose a trusted name in education construction. Hayco will secure our job site so your students don’t get anywhere near the hazards of a construction zone. And when everything’s complete, you’ll finally have an updated learning facility to help your students excel.