Commercial Office Remodeling Trends

March 27, 2018

Your commercial office should be an intellectual and creative hub where your best ideas are cultivated. It should be an inspiring atmosphere, a place that makes your team proud to say they work there.

A dated workplace indicates business is bad, the company does not embrace change, or maybe the product or services will be low quality. A client could make these assumptions based on whether your office needs to retire the threadbare chairs in the lobby or the walls are covered with wood paneling. First impressions go a long way.

A remodeled workplace, however, can have the opposite effect. It shows that business is good and the client can trust that your work is fresh and contemporary. Remodeling also proves to your team that you want to invest time and money into their success. You’re willing to invest in them so they will be willing to invest in you.


Here are 7 remodeling trends that will give your commercial office the facelift it deserves:

Noise Cancellation Tiles

If your team needs quiet in order to work, don’t hang standard acoustic panels on the wall and pretend they’re art. Instead, choose panels that are also art. These felt tiles are both functional and fashionable.

Open Conference Rooms

Lose the conference dungeons of old and step into an open room that immediately inspires a brainstorming session. Hayco Construction can help you make the transition from dungeon to sanctuary without interrupting the rhythm of your office space.

The Greenhouse

The fake ficus in a plastic pot is no longer a part of the workplace. Trendy commercial offices are using real plants in much more interesting ways. You can create natural room or desk dividers that will enhance the look and feel of your office.  

Upgrade the Restroom

Why? Because nothing kills your team’s creative flow faster than a visit to a dingy restroom. Exchange the clanging metal stall partitions and doors for wooden ones. Opt for an upscale multiple-vanity sink and good lighting.

Fresh Coat of Paint

Give your office a makeover with a few cans of paint. Don’t be afraid to get inventive with the color and design. Is your brand fun and bright? Or are you geared toward a more serious clientele? Let a fresh coat of paint reflect your company’s bold qualities.

Ditch the Cubicle

What’s that sound? It’s your team; they’re tired of traditional cubicles. They want to collaborate on projects without totally sacrificing their privacy. Encourage productive teamwork with a well-designed hive.

Natural Lighting

There is nothing inspirational about a flickering fluorescent light bulb. Sunshine, on the other hand, will lighten the mood and it never goes out of style. As a bonus, this saves energy by allowing heat and light into the workplace naturally. Whether your office style is industrial, bright and bubbly, or minimalist, the overarching trend of today is to challenge the dreary offices of yesterday. Keeping up-to-date on the latest commercial office trends will help your work maintain relevance.

You want your workplace to excite clientele, welcome employees, and reflect the stylish and desirable product or service that the company offers. With Hayco Construction, your most creative remodeling ideas can become reality.

Let’s get started on your upcoming project today!