5 Benefits of Renovating Your Office Space

May 14, 2018

5 benefits of renovating your office space:

  • Opportunities to be more environmentally-friendly
  • Adding room to grow your business
  • Boosting productivity
  • Defining and enhancing company culture
  • Saving money on utilities and upkeep

Toying with the idea of remodeling your commercial space, but on the fence about making the commitment? Don’t be daunted by the size of your renovation project. A good contractor will take care of the nitty gritty details while you go about running your business. In the meantime, consider the benefits of renovating your space. Some are obvious, like updated aesthetics, but others may be hidden at first, like boosting employee morale and even enhancing employee relationships.

Go green!

Remodeling the office creates opportunities to:

  • Install water dispensers and use fewer plastic bottles
  • Switch to energy-efficient light fixtures
  • Replace outdated appliances with energy-efficient options for more environmentally (and economically) friendly operations

Incorporate room to grow.

You may be considering renovation in order to accommodate your growing company and give your current employees more room to breathe. While you’re at it, plan ahead by:

  • Adding more storage space
  • Removing cubicles and other fixtures that inhibit communication and waste space
  • Creating more communal meeting spaces to reduce wait time and rescheduling around booked conference rooms

Boost employee productivity & morale.

Updating your commercial space has a few benefits you may not have considered, like:

  • Attracting more applicants by showing off your company culture
  • Inspiring current employees by creating a more welcoming, efficient space
  • Enhancing workflows by encouraging more efficient internal communications

Reinforce your brand.

Does your interior design and office floor plan match your company’s vision?

  • Choose colors and designs that vibe with your brand and are pleasing to employees
  • Use the remodel to create an office space that promotes your company culture
  • Make an impressive first impression on customers, competitors, and job applicants through smart, original design

More money in the bank.

Yes, renovating costs a pretty penny upfront, but consider the long term savings:

  • Repairs and maintenance costs add up quickly, particularly in older buildings where inefficient heating and air, water damage, and asbestos-ridden walls are common complications.
  • Installing better insulation, more energy efficient appliances, and finding ways to go green will save money on utilities.
  • Renovating your commercial space may qualify you for tax credits due to producing fewer emissions, using solar energy, increasing your energy efficiency, and some other green initiatives, depending on your local tax laws.

Whether you’re in a retail store, law office, design firm, or medical facility, Hayco has specialized experience in commercial uplifts across multiple industries. Know exactly what you want? We’ll make it happen. Need a hand working out the details? We’re here for it. You’ll only be as involved as you want to be throughout your commercial renovation journey. Sound like a good plan to you?

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