4 Ways Remodeling Your Business Office Can Increase Your Revenue

November 13, 2018

Remodeling your business space can feel like a huge undertaking, and it can understandably be daunting. However, there are perks of remodeling that make it a worthwhile undertaking, like increased revenue due to:

  • Greater employee productivity & efficiency
  • Higher customer satisfaction (and retention)
  • Attracting new customers
  • Lower utility expenses

Greater employee productivity & efficiency

The better your most entry-level employee, the better your business. Renovating your commercial space can boost your employee’s performance across the board by:

  • Creating more efficient work spaces
  • Providing refreshing and energizing break spaces
  • Cutting out unnecessary obstacles to communication, movement around the office, and structures that inhibit creativity and productivity.


Higher customer satisfaction (and retention)

If you’re struggling to please and keep your customers, upgrading your facilities improves the overall customer experience by giving you an opportunity to craft the perfect space to welcome and serve your customers accordingly. If you’re already thriving in the customer satisfaction department, think about how boosting the appeal of your business space could further elevate your customers’ experience.

From waiting rooms and meeting rooms to the bathrooms and hallways, everything about your commercial space affects how a customer or potential customer perceives your business. Make a stellar impression with an office that reflects the values and worth of your business.


Attracting new customers

Want to grow your business? Then you need to attract more customers and boost revenue! Of course, you know this already, but did you know that remodeling your office or commercial space could boost your sales to new customers by almost 45%? Sprucing up your space and making it more appealing and engaging for customers can help attract new business!


Lower utility expenses

Would you rather spend money on improving your business space and making it more welcoming for customers, efficient for employees, and worth more to future buyers, or spend money on maintaining your existing space? Remodeling your office presents the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of better insulation, energy efficient appliances, and more eco-friendly heating and air systems. On top of being kinder to the environment, greener business practices are kind to your wallet, too.

Bonus: depending on your local tax laws, you can even qualify for tax credits by taking on more green initiatives. Less money going out to utilities and building maintenance = more money in the bank for your business.

By attracting new customers, keeping current ones, cutting utility costs, and boosting employee morale, remodeling your business space can actually increase your revenue over time and allow your business to grow. To make sure your remodeling needs are in line with your budget needs, Hayco Construction uses value engineering to ensure you receive the highest quality commercial upfit without exorbitant overhead costs.

Check out Hayco’s portfolio for inspiration or connect with us today to discuss your design and construction goals.